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Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July Peeps,

What do you all have planned? The Mann family is keeping a low profile today. Ivan has to work so I'm a little bummed about that although he gets off at 7:00 p.m.. Later on tonight, all of us will go to Douglasville to watch fireworks. Last year we missed them although we had GREAT intentions to see the fireworks show at Stone Mountain Park. We were posted at the wrong spot and the fireworks were not able to be seen where we were.

This year is the first year that Dylan will get a chance to see a fireworks show. I'm kind of on the fence about taking pictures of the kids at the fireworks because I want to enjoy the show myself. My thought is to take the camera anyway and see what happens.

I WANT RIBS! Not just any Daddy's BBQ ribs!!! Since he is still in Michigan and not down here yet, I guess I'll have to wait for him to get here later on this month. Maybe not having a BBQ grill is a problem too LOL!!!! I decided that today, I'm going to have gourmet hotdogs (thank you George Foreman), baked beans, and cole slaw so I better get to Kroger's soon since they close early.

I am so happy that my good friend, Kalah Leone FINALLY had her baby. Knoelle Loren is here...

I am waiting (and not so patiently I might add) to get some more pictures of her to scrap. Hopefully, the price of gas will go down so that I can visit them and kiss those cheeks!!!!!

Take care for now. Enjoy today and be glad in it!! Blessings, Peace, and Love always!!!



Angela said...

Hey girl... look at that cute baby!!!

Veroncia said...

Happy Belated 4th to you. We laid super low here in Memphis. Went out Thursday night and watched fireworks. The rest of the weekend was spent cooking and keeping cool in the house. What a sweet little baby.

Dawn Bibbs said...

I'm listening!! :-)

Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog today. I've never seen you in the "neighborhood" before. Glad to see you. Speaking of neighborhoods, I see you live in GA. What part of town are you in?

Again, thanks for stopping by today. I haven't read much in your blog, but what I've seen, I'm liking. Consider yourself linked :-). Stop by again sometime.