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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I know...I'm slipping

Hey Peeps,
I know I slipping, especially with the enthusiasm I had for starting the blog in the first place. I have a million things going on right now and will update asap. Keep hope Jesse run...I mean run Obama run!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I was ready to fight...if I had to!

Well I thought I was going to have have to fight. I can not stand Elisabeth Hasselbeck from the View. Today, Michelle Obama was the co-host and Ms. H has no problem speaking her mind on her thoughts of the republican party and her disregard for the democratic party.

I was all ready to have Mrs. Obama's, Whoopi, Sherry, and Joy's back when it came to fighting that woman if and when she said something crass. But to my surprise, Mrs. Obama shut her down right away by stating..."Me and this strong woman can disagree on just about every issue, but at the end of the day we have to come together as Americans and agree to do what is best for our families and this country". Damn, that was classy as hell!! If I wasn't an Obama supporter at that moment, I would have been then.

On a different note, I am in the process once again in organizing my scraproom. It is taking longer than I anticipated but I hope well worth it once it is done. I am scrapbooking this weekend and looking forward to it. I hope to get a chance in playing with a die cut machine. I have the original cricut, but I'm not that keen on it. I really enjoy working with my hands and even enjoy cutting out letters by hand. If you have suggestion let me know. I'm going to sign off, since I have the house all to myself right now!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008're it!!!

Hey Loyal Fans :>}

I was reading another blogger's entry and she stated that if you found yourself reading her blog on that particular day, you were to consider yourself tagged. So with that being said gang, YOU ARE TAGGED!

I would love to read your responses to the following as well what you thought of mine. Happy reading!!

I am...Blessed. I often forget that. I am glad that when I’m sick of my own complaining, I can always remember just how blessed I truly am.
I think...that I am pretty good person…definitely not a saint, but a good person.
I thank...GOD for my family and my friends. I really don’t know how a person who chooses to be alone gets by with no one to confide in.
I know...that GOD is in control no matter what others seem to think
I wish...that outside forces (bills, responsibilities, job/career, etc.) didn’t interfere with the blessings and serenity of peace.
I hate...when I am impatient with my children. I also hate voice mailboxes (I know, those of you who know me are cringing since I NEVER check mine).
I loved ones who have passed, especially my mother. I miss the innocence of youth.
I feel...Blessed and happy about life in general.
I shop...not like I used to that is for DAMN sure…Thanks to George W. Bush, dammit!!
I the just about anything sentimental. Especially, when younger children are doing something positive and/or their accomplishments.
I don't always...straighten up the house as much as I probably should (cleaning house, that's another thing I hate).
I pray...usually first thing in the morning as soon as I wake up.
I lose...the simplest things like rubber bands, ink pens, etc.
I various forms of music.
I am scared...of dying and leaving my family without a mother and wife.
I dance...just about anywhere, even at the embarrassment of my oldest son.
I get active by starting off with either walking or yoga.
I surf...the internet CONSTANTLY!!!
I dread...the end of summer vacation and having to get up and go to school.
I opportunity to scrapbook and my upcoming family vacation.
I laugh...ALL THE TIME!!! I love laughing, even at myself. I think I’m pretty funny, too.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Jelly Doughnuts"

Yesterday while watching tv, one of the characters on Two and a Half Men said "rolling manure in powdered sugar doesn't make it a jelly doughnut!"

I got the BEST KICK out of that. How many times do people often try to give you this particular type of jelly doughnut? I get it often, especially with the men I live with...

Me: Ivan why are your clothes all over the floor but you choose to ignore them?
Ivan: I'll get to them, I didn't know they were there
Me: Sure, that's what you said 2 weeks ago


Evan: Mom, can I go over my friends house?
Me: Did you do the (place any given chore here) that I asked you to do?
Evan: I thought I would do it later.



Kyle: I'm hungry (to nobody in particular, just an observation he is having)
no response from anyone
Kyle: Mom, if I'm hungry aren't YOU supposed to fix me something?!?



Dylan: wofhjaoroejfoafjoeioowjfoj?!?!?!?!?!?!? Shoe.
Me: (In my head...WTF???)


Not risk your "wholesome" and "pure" image of me, I won't share with you what my final response or action was to above responses.

I am so looking forward to scrapbooking tomorrow. I wasn't able to get it in yesterday evening since a lightening storm came our way and knocked power out until around 12:30 a.m.. This evening I am going to get some other things done around the house and keep myself busy so that I am not tempted to go into my scrap room and doodle around. In tomorrow's class I will be making an acrylic album and can't wait see the results.

I do my best in remembering to relax, relate, and release frustrations as they come while remembering to not take a bite into the JELLY DOUGHNUTS that come my way. You do the same...the taste...EEWWWWWW!!! Definitely doesn't go with a cold glass of milk!

Thanks for reading!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Let's do it again...

Hey Peeps!! I am way too "geeked" up about my little slice of the internet. I had to stop myself from posting several times last night because...I really do have things that must be done around the house.

I am planning on getting some scrapping done today, but first I must reorganize my scrap space. I may post a pix of it so that I can get some suggestions on how to better organize the madness of it all. It is a shame that I feel like I'm "sneeking" to scrap in my own home, because Ivan (my dear husband) can ALWAYS come up with something else he thinks I can be doing.

Ivan giving me that "what?!?" look. Guess what? It doesn't work!!

Remember to relax, laugh, and love even harder than you did yesterday!!

disclaimer: for those of you who know me personally, know that I am a conversational curser!! I am going to TRY very hard to not "color" my language in this forum :>} .

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Check out my Slide Show! we go...???

If you found this...LUCKY U!!! I have no idea what I am doing but I have to admit that I like it.

I have read and "surfed" the web of so many other scrappers, mothers, wives, and oh so happy to have this forum...I decided, WHY NOT?!?!?

I really think that once I get the hang of this, my blog may even rival that of others. One thing I do know, that is okay to not blog everyday. I really thought that there were "Blogging Police" that would get me if I didn't update them on my by day...honestly, that thought scared me. My plan is to get more comfortable doing things like this and just stepping out on FAITH! I have to share that is something my mother would have definitely done.

I am learning every day on how to become a better something. Today I have started trying to be a better photographer. My boys reluctantly agreed to be the subject matter. I trying to do a little better with candid shots. I am constantly thinking of how I want to scrap the pictures when I get them printed.
Dylan and Kyle showing me just how agreeable they are.
Evan, Dylan, and Kyle...MY GUYS!!
Until next time...SMOOCHES!