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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Chile...I gotta lot going on!!

I am so TUD (a term meaning Tired, Underappreciated, and whateva you want for the D!) but at least I can honestly say TUD in a good way. My intentional means for this blog was to go on and on about my daily happenings and what not, but chile I have no time to even do that!! I am stealing time away from a power point presentation I am working on to secure a career opportunity that I have been dreaming of for so long (if I figure out how to share it with you all, i will...add that to the "to do" pile).

I WANNA SCRAPBOOK!!!!! yes, consider that screaming/whining/etc.! Thankfully I have different subject matter to make scrap pages for since many of my friends, family, coworkers, and sorors are poppin' out babies like there is no tomorrow. I am anxiously awaiting some pixs to arrive in the mail so that I can Scrap 'em!!

My interview is on the 16th, so please squeeze in a prayer for me. I have alot going on after that interview as we prepare for our family vacation, so maybe it will be a cause for extra celebration. I am going to sign off for now and carry myself to bed. I am sure I've got to fight off a brother, since the "headache" excuse has only worked the last 2 request from him. Sorry I had to go there and maybe we'll get into that discussion later...but really...I feel like I'm just mattress wrestling...ugh!!!

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