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Monday, July 14, 2008

At a Snails pace...

My mind that is. I guess the real blessing is that my mind is fully funtioning, so Praise God!! Yesterday morning I was watching TV church (side note...we have GOT to find a church home...I feel like a heathen that my boys aren't established in a church...I am glad that they know the Lord through us and that we sit and talk often about the Lord and his word) and Pastor Dale Bronner reminded me that Fear is not failure, Quiting is failure. It is so simple, yet so profound. As a family, we are facing/working through some financial difficulties. Even though there are MANY TIMES I just want to quit and give in to failure, I THANK GOD that Ivan and I have the drive and determination to go forward if for no other reason than our boys.

Please don't think of this a "whoa is me" because I know that I have a tremendous amout of gratitude for all of the Blessings I have. I guess I was moved to have a testimony!! Speaking of are some that I am most proud of...My babies!

Our Outing on the 4th of July...Fireworks at Arbor Place Mall, Douglasville, GA

Dylan wondering..."Why are we out soooo late at night and I'm allowed to have snacks?!?!?"

Evan has waited (according to him) all his life to sit on top of the truck! Mind you, he's just 10!!

Kyle flashing that winning smile to me and Dad. I am certain that he is more than happy to have his turn in the "Da rita" bag!!

My 3 Sons!!! You couldn't pay Evan to think he is anything but FIONE...Lord, what am I going to do? Secretly...I know he who really created the monster? LOL!!

I wish I had focused a little better for this shot! This is truly my little STINKER!!!!

I have soo many layouts to share with you all. I am going to wait until we return from our vacation and create more layouts from those pictures. Thank you for reading and your inspirations as well.



Babydoll said...

Found you on another blogger's site. Just wanted to stop by and say hello! Love your son's expression with the Dorito bag. LOL!

Dawn Bibbs said...

Well...don't you have a good looking crew!! Thanks for sharing.

Renee said...

Hey girl. We are trying out churches too. Try Ebenezer Where you are. That was our church when we were there. Lots of ministries for the kids. Hang in there. It will all work out in the end.