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Saturday, June 14, 2008're it!!!

Hey Loyal Fans :>}

I was reading another blogger's entry and she stated that if you found yourself reading her blog on that particular day, you were to consider yourself tagged. So with that being said gang, YOU ARE TAGGED!

I would love to read your responses to the following as well what you thought of mine. Happy reading!!

I am...Blessed. I often forget that. I am glad that when I’m sick of my own complaining, I can always remember just how blessed I truly am.
I think...that I am pretty good person…definitely not a saint, but a good person.
I thank...GOD for my family and my friends. I really don’t know how a person who chooses to be alone gets by with no one to confide in.
I know...that GOD is in control no matter what others seem to think
I wish...that outside forces (bills, responsibilities, job/career, etc.) didn’t interfere with the blessings and serenity of peace.
I hate...when I am impatient with my children. I also hate voice mailboxes (I know, those of you who know me are cringing since I NEVER check mine).
I loved ones who have passed, especially my mother. I miss the innocence of youth.
I feel...Blessed and happy about life in general.
I shop...not like I used to that is for DAMN sure…Thanks to George W. Bush, dammit!!
I the just about anything sentimental. Especially, when younger children are doing something positive and/or their accomplishments.
I don't always...straighten up the house as much as I probably should (cleaning house, that's another thing I hate).
I pray...usually first thing in the morning as soon as I wake up.
I lose...the simplest things like rubber bands, ink pens, etc.
I various forms of music.
I am scared...of dying and leaving my family without a mother and wife.
I dance...just about anywhere, even at the embarrassment of my oldest son.
I get active by starting off with either walking or yoga.
I surf...the internet CONSTANTLY!!!
I dread...the end of summer vacation and having to get up and go to school.
I opportunity to scrapbook and my upcoming family vacation.
I laugh...ALL THE TIME!!! I love laughing, even at myself. I think I’m pretty funny, too.

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