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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Let's lighten up some already

Hey Peeps!!

I want to lighten the atmosphere some. We as a nation are all stressed out about our future as a nation. I am sick and have been off work for the last 3 days. My father is hospitalized, but THANK YOU GOD, he is doing better. I will need to take a short leave from work to go to Michigan and "collect" him because, well damn, I don't want him there and I am here in Georgia. Nonetheless, I try to humor myself from time to time. If you have not had an opportunity to watch Chocolate News on Comedy Central...YOU MUST! It is hosted by David Alan Grier (remember him from In Living Color?!?!?) and so far, it's not too bad.

Here is a joke that I got...enjoy!

I am a Father
A little boy got on the bus, sat next to a man reading a book, and noticed he had his collar on backwards. The little boy asked why he wore his collar backwards. The man, who was a priest, said, 'I am a Father.' The little boy replied, 'My Daddy doesn't wear his collar like that.'The priest looked up from his book and answered, ''I am the Father of many."

The boy said, ''My Dad has 4 boys, 4 girls and two grandchildren and he doesn't wear his collar that way!' The priest, getting impatient, said. "I am the Father of hundreds", and went back to reading his book. The little boy sat quietly thinking for a while, then leaned over and said,''Maybe you should wear a condom and put your pants on backwards instead of your collar. "

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